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Andrea Giuliani
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"I think you must always know when the sunset begins, it's the most beautiful part of the day and your time must be used in the best condition"

- Andrea Giuliani

Andrea Giuliani’s unmistakable eye for ordinary life has made him a distinctive voice
for his experience in Europe and South America. Known for his knowledge of the Catalan territory, he began taking photographs along Daurada's Coast, Tarragona. The themes of leisure, sea life, poverty and folk festivals have occupied him for much part of his travels, some of which are explored with the lightheartedness of the waves and a pinch of irony.

He photographed the best carnivals in Spain during the celebrations of ancient local traditions, this moment represented for him, in a typical merry party, the opportunity to see how different people want to change identity through their masks or new costumes, sometimes with funny spirit, it was only with his visit to Brazil that he found in one place many aspects of life sought several times in his trips. What has been mentioned will be told with the best photographs that he has selected during these years.

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Based in Milan, Italy


born 22nd June, 1993

Catalan influencer

Available for commissions

& assignments

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Argentina: give me a piece of waterfall

Andrea Giuliani

Nature divided into two different states, a comparison of different opinions


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