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Obrigado Portugal

The destination of courage

from fighting in the cold ocean to the amazing Algarve

Andrea Giuliani

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Andrea Giuliani Without seeing the end, Praia de São Julião, Ericeira. Portugal © Andrea Giuliani 

The story between me and Portugal is very complicated, about the total of five flights booked, two of them have been cancelled, the chance to reach this place has become very difficult in my strategies.

If I  learned to surf the waves, here is the gym that made me grow up, recognizing the dangers of the ocean, learning to choose which wetsuit to wear and showing solidarity among the team members.


What really made me come back? Why this path again? São Julião's beach is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, miles and miles of walk that I still wonder where that beach ends...

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Andrea Giuliani Hiker in an improvised desert, Praia de São Julião, Ericeira. Portugal © Andrea Giuliani 

Ericeira was a location imposed during the first holiday in Lisbon, was decided to practice mainly the second surf lesson of my life, in this place are held world competitions of professional surfers and this sport attracts many athletes who want to improve their individual skills.

The school taught us how to save ourselves from possible dangers, Nuno the teacher in the second photo below, wants to protect his students from the swell that hit the Matadouro's beach. How it happened in San Sebastián, the ocean in these conditions can create stability problems on its own table and even the risk of being pushed out of the bay could mean not returning to the mainland.

After an hour of waiting, here is the decision, we are ready!


Andrea Giuliani Andrea checks the height of the viewpoint, Praia do Matadouro, Ericeira. Portugal © Andrea Giuliani 

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Andrea Giuliani Nuno and his students, the teacher before his decision, Praia do Matadouro, Ericeira. Portugal © Andrea Giuliani 

"Try again, this time the teachers look from outside your movements"



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Andrea Giuliani Tony's style in Praia de Paramos, Espinho. Portugal © Andrea Giuliani 

Every year, the training was set to become experts, in Ericeira I've understood that this sport could help me overcome many difficulties that I didn't want to face.

I remember how much water I drank several times because I've slipped from the table, how many times I've managed to get up after each fall, coordination and concentration were two skills that I had to improve.


This time everything is different, the teachers left us alone, our destiny depended on ourselves.

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Andrea Giuliani Now show who you are, under the remote control, the test of courage, Praia de Paramos, Espinho. Portugal © Andrea Giuliani 

The bay of Espinho didn't present the same problems, the day was sunny and we didn't find great waves, perhaps it was necessary to begin here the first lessons, but by now I had seen situations more complicated. 


In this northern territory, as in Venice, there are the lagoons, a characteristic city where you can sail with the gondolas is Aveiro, here the maritime trade and the production of salt have led to a strategic role in Portugal, so in the 19th century was built a railway station between Lisbon and Oporto after a revolt of the inhabitants, even for me was very easy to arrive. 

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Andrea Giuliani The absent-minded couple, Praia da Frente Azul, Espinho. Portugal © Andrea Giuliani 


Andrea Giuliani Gondoliers in João Mendonça, Aveiro. Portugal © Andrea Giuliani 


which point of the coast

may surprise me?



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Andrea Giuliani Boats positioned for the country frame, Praia da Angrinha, Ferragudo. Portugal © Andrea Giuliani 

The trip to the Algarve came in the same moment when I had decided to photograph the Cadiz's Carnival, this time directly from Canada, my friend Gabrielle decided to follow me on my tour.

Very often tourists said that this region was the most beautiful part of Portugal, it was the right opportunity because it was possible to go by car for a few hours.


I've always liked small villages and Ferragudo was the first stop, in February it gave the idea of an abandoned fishing village, to find more people Lagos was the place where you can see one of the most beautiful beaches in the South, Praia do Camilo.

Algarve IMG_0073.png

Andrea Giuliani The shift of the engaged fisherman, Praia do Camilo, Lagos. Portugal © Andrea Giuliani 


Andrea Giuliani My friend Gabrielle becomes a street juggler, Praia Dona Ana, Lagos. Portugal © Andrea Giuliani 

Tourism is one of the main resource in Algarve, along Portimão you can take a speedboat for a planned tour of the coast, an excellent cave to use for photo shoots is Benagil, it's not always possible to find the necessary space because it depends on the ocean tide and for this reason the group couldn't go down but surely will remain a point to return.

I think you must always know when the sunset begins, it's the most beautiful part of the day and your time must be used in the best condition, two sunsets who remained in my mind were at Praia Dona Ana and Praia da Rocha, if there were a ranking today, they would be on the podium.


Andrea Giuliani Several layers of sky, Praia da Rocha, Portimão. Portugal © Andrea Giuliani 



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