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Profile: Ibiza Top Secret

The tour of Ibiza in the desolate wild beauty,

the upheaval that changed the identity of the Balearic islands in its nature

Andrea Giuliani

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Andrea Giuliani Life is full of difficult decisions, Platja Es Figueral. Ibiza © Andrea Giuliani 

I've chosen to tell this story to relive the surreal moment that I experienced with my cousin in Ibiza during the Easter period, when We' ve found days of fog, rain and rough seas on the island, totally changing my climatic vision.

I believed as often happens "in Catalunya", that the wind would blow away the clouds in a few hours, but this time the bad weather lasted many days, the great luck that I had was being able to travel all over the territory without traffic – and within a surrealistic panorama. In the most famous beaches, waves have totally changed their appearance, some inhabitant had explained that this event was many years that didn't occur.

In the path that led me to across the coastal strip, there are objects that can become familiar to us, able to make us to relive our passions of when we were children, when you find an abandoned ball, the first dribbles begin immediately, even though I've played basketball, I've made some attempts, but maybe there was someone who overtook me.

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Andrea Giuliani My cousin goes back to his origins, Cala de Sant Vicent. Ibiza © Andrea Giuliani 

After only ten minutes with the deflated ball, my skills were tested, but I wanted to see if at the end of everything, this sea brought back what I had launched, if it was too early to go away and maybe I had to keep playing.

The very fine rain was a signal, the ball came back to me, I would have liked to repeat my performances but I didn’t have enough time and the activities to be done were many, so I've let to exhibit some football players certainly much better than me.


Andrea Giuliani In its integrity, Cala de Sant Vicent. Ibiza © Andrea Giuliani 

"Surrounded by the walls, we found our shelter in the ancient city, everything was calculated"



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Andrea Giuliani The top view from the historic center in Castell d'Eivissa, Punta Ratjada. Ibiza © Andrea Giuliani 

Our life would have been very difficult, we understood it from the beginning of this trip, where was possible we found shelter, as for example within the walls of the historical center of ibiza, in other cases we fought against the climate, between the beaches visited, we found a closed chiringuito (which I would have liked to open to see the storm) in front of the beach, here was Cala Boix.

Considering the panorama and the difference in height of the rocks, the location was excellent for new photo memories, after all these jumps.


Andrea Giuliani The jump of non-existent obstacles, Cala Boix. Ibiza © Andrea Giuliani 

In days like these that seemed calm, my car decided to turn off (the battery was replaced after two hours), perhaps it was a sign to walk along the paths along the beaches and feel an unreal silence.


I remember that on the second day of the trip, the fog was very dense and even to make few kilometers much attention was required because the visibility was limited inside the island, this brought me back in my daily life in Milan during the winter months, when it is possible see the same situation for several days and the citizens (myself included) are very skilled when driving.

Thanks to this experience, we ended the holiday in beaches that have left unique memories for this occasion that happened to us, as I show in these last shots, especially in Platja de s'Aigua Blanca, after the stairs everything seemed finished...


Andrea Giuliani Dodging the waves, Cala Tarida. Ibiza © Andrea Giuliani 


Andrea Giuliani End of journey, Platja de s'Aigua Blanca. Ibiza © Andrea Giuliani 


Andrea Giuliani Platges de Comte. Ibiza © Andrea Giuliani 



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