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Todo bien In Spain

Everything that brought me here. A long journey that seems not to end

in the most remote places where I stopped

Andrea Giuliani

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My first arrive, L'Ametlla de Mar, Tarragona. Catalunya. 90's. © Andrea Giuliani

In the 90's, Andrea Giuliani arrived in Ametlla de Mar with his family for summer holidays, He didn't know anyone, although the Catalan language was difficult to learn, he began to appreciate immediately the sound of the sea–and the variety of surrounding beaches. The relaxing rhythms of life, the hospitality of the people and also the meeting with two bakers who loved Italy, soon they made it clear that he should return to this place every year... and so it was. 
In the next years, growing up, He could–no longer settle for the usual bike routes, walk along the harbor to see the fishermen and the small local customs. He started his discoveries in other cities of the region.

Andrea Giuliani A group of cheerful friends during the carnival in rambla, Tarragona. Catalunya © Andrea Giuliani 

Like the majority of tourists, my explorations had to start from a large city like Barcelona, but I preferred to arrive slowly. In any case, Tarragona, Tossa de Mar and Girona were great opportunities to see a different carnival than usual.
Many of the people I met, they showed much joy and willingness to be photographed, this aspect will be also visible in other situations in my path. Surely the relationship with these human subjects I can admit that helps to expand new friendships.

Andrea Giuliani Party direction, waiting for the train, a promising fairy in Sants-Estació, Barcelona. Catalunya. © Andrea Giuliani


Andrea Giuliani Morning walk in Platja Gran, Tossa de Mar. Catalunya. © Andrea Giuliani


Andrea Giuliani Strategic marketing of greengrocers to attract new customer in Mercat del Lleó, Girona.

Catalunya. © Andrea Giuliani

"That’s the way it is"

Waves on the road, the surprising north



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Andrea Giuliani Escape route to avoid the anger of the ocean, Pasealeku Berria. San Sebastián. 

Basque country. © Andrea Giuliani

The first thing I have always thought of the Iberian Peninsula is that its climate was the same everywhere, perhaps only in my mind.
I arrived in San Sebastián in the middle of summer and I've found a spring weather, wind, rain, immense green hills and waves that arrived on the road, maybe this is the beauty of every journey, changing one's fortunes.
For obvious reasons, I was forced to postpone my first surf lesson (the teachers saved me) but this show has changed the appearance of the city, the same storms can occur several times during the year.

Andrea Giuliani The storm and the difficult choice of the wave to ride, Playa Zurriola. San Sebastián.

Basque Country. © Andrea Giuliani


Andrea Giuliani From time to time the tour guide comes to the rescue of unwary tourists, Playa de la Magdalena, Santander. Cantabria. © Andrea Giuliani

What I've explained is one of the many dangers, if you want to risk your life, you can try to be a participant of the San Fermín festival.
During the months of July, tourists from all over the world crowd the streets of Pamplona, I refused to be chased by bulls to avoid contusions and I've stayed away from this escape, what really impressed me was many bars that worked desperately 24 hours a day without a break, so it was difficult to choose when to sleep.
Although there was no clear strategy to survive this party, I got up at dawn and I've met a group of guys, the right empathy was created immediately and this allowed us to make fantastic shots.

Andrea Giuliani Heroes who effortlessly found strength for the set, Pamplona. Basque country. © Andrea Giuliani


Andrea Giuliani Old style participant, San Fermín Festival. Pamplona. 

Basque country. © Andrea Giuliani

Andrea Giuliani The approach in dance's rehearsals, 

San Fermín Festival, Pamplona. Basque country. © Andrea Giuliani

"I was looking for someone interesting, in a few minutes I was very lucky"


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Andrea Giuliani The night of the parades while the public attends the roadside in Avenida Francisco La Roche, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Canary Islands. © Andrea Giuliani

In my ambitions, the Canary Islands have always been a place that I saw unreachable, they are too detached from the rest of Europe, but they exist!

For many years I had heard a lot about the most beautiful carnival after Rio de Janeiro: Santa Cruz de Tenerife (I couldn't forget this opportunity).

Despite this event continues for many weeks, during the proclamation of the queen and in the parades of the streets, I've photographed the main protagonists that impressed me.

In Avenida Francisco La Roche, schools competed to create the most beautiful choreography in the city, from children to adults, everyone was involved to create a show that people could admire all night.


Andrea Giuliani Two children chase each other in Avenida Francisco La Roche,

Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Canary Islands. © Andrea Giuliani

"I had never seen an island with these shades, the same that I have seen in wandering explorers"


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Andrea Giuliani A strong man in model pose shows his light-heartedness looking the natural pools created by the sea, Garachico. Canary Islands. © Andrea Giuliani

The beauty of the travel around Tenerife is that you had at your disposal every type of trip you wanted to do.

Living in the north of the island, I visited the volcanic beaches of Benijo, the paths in Anaga's park, but also to characteristic villages surrounded by palms in Masca or Garachico with a view of natural sea pools.

It's precisely in the most incredible place that you can meet mysterious people, in this occasion a tourist in Garachico who looked British, without telling me anything, posed with his cigar making himself the protagonist of my shots. In my opinion he wanted my photo, but probably he didn't find the courage to come to me and ask for it.

As in the uncertain endings of my stories, I leave a big question mark about the last place I visited in the city of San Andrés, will this child be able to pick up his hat that flew away?


Sometimes only photographers can have the right answer.


Andrea Giuliani A child loses his hat playing in the middle of the rocks, San Andrés. Canary Islands. © Andrea Giuliani


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