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Andalucia : everything looks different 

How the pandemic was experienced and differences with the past

Andrea Giuliani

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Andrea Giuliani Patio de los Naranjos, Cordova. Spain © Andrea Giuliani 

Choosing where to go on vacation during the period of Covid was not easy,

I’ve always spent a lot of my life in Spain and I didn’t want to give up about two weeks of new discoveries. After many indecision, Andalusia was for the third time my choice, at the moment the region I've visited most after Catalunya.

After the Feria de Malaga and the carnival of Cádiz, without a special party was an opportunity to see from another point of view how the country organized its tourism.


Andrea Giuliani Patio de Los Leones, Granada. Spain © Andrea Giuliani 

Andrea Giuliani Isla de las Palomas, Tarifa. Spain © Andrea Giuliani 

We've found the courage to overcome all the bureaucracy necessary to be able to take a flight of a few hours, at that time the Iberian Peninsula is challenged several times by television throughout Europe for the increase in infections in large cities and for the health emergency.

But as always, in times of difficulty the population make the difference, despite the numerous restrictions, I've found a country organized to allow tourists to visit the historical points of the cities, totally safe, where in the other years it took more time to wait​.


Andrea Giuliani Playa de Los Lances, Tarifa. Spain © Andrea Giuliani 

In the previous years



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Andrea Giuliani Playa de San José, Almería. Spain. © Andrea Giuliani

Only today I realize how many things, how many actions, we used to do and now they are forbidden.

The beach has always remained a place of aggregation and fun for people, especially in these places where infections covid seem less likely, the use of the mask during the promenade was mandatory and controlled by the village guards.

The differences with what we have seen in the past are many, this is only one of the feelings experienced.


Andrea Giuliani Feria de Málaga in Calle Marqués de Larios, Málaga. Andalucía. © Andrea Giuliani


Andrea Giuliani The impetuous growth of a human lizard, Cádiz. Andalucía. © Andrea Giuliani


Andrea Giuliani The thoughts of a flamenco dancer as she deposits her earrings and arranges the jewelry, Sevilla. Andalucía. © Andrea Giuliani



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